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for calendar year 2016

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Iowa Life Lists

The star of 2016 was an Inca Dove, new to Iowa and first posted on a photographers' group Facebook page by Melissa Cory from Altoona. The post was seen by a Californian who identified the bird for Melissa. Ann Johnson saw the Californian's post, contacted Melissa, and drove to Altoona the next morning. She confirmed the dove's identity and helped Melissa to document it and also to spread the word. Eventually, documentations were added by Brandon Caswell, Paul Roisen, Reid Allen and Johnson. The Inca Dove was the most frequent addition to the lists of those reporting totals below, including five of the top seven listers who continue to inch closer to the 400 mark.

Appearing on at least 6 lists is the Johnson County Swallow-tailed Kite, which was documented by Bill Blackburn, Mark Brown, Linda Rudolph, James Scheib, Chris Edwards and Bethany Thornton. Two Rufous Hummingbirds, one in Johnson County and another in Carroll County, and two Mason City birds, a Black-headed Grosbeak and a Bullock's Oriole were also seen by many and documented well by a subset of those birders.

The documentations for the birds above were reviewed and accepted by the IOU Records Committee, as were many others. More detailed information for each one can be found in Iowa Bird Life. We ask that all casual and accidental species added to lists reported here undergo the same sort of review so that all lists conform to the same standards.

Iowa State Life List

396   Tom Stone  348   Carolyn Fischer  (+ Black-headed Grosbeak, Bullock's Oriole, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Glaucous Gull)
391   James L Fuller  347   Ric Zarwell  (+ 4)
388   Charles R Fuller  345   Lee Schoenewe  (+ Barn Owl)
388   Stephen Dinsmore  (+ Inca Dove) 344   William Scheible  (+ Swallow-tailed Kite )
387   Reid Allen  (+ Inca Dove) 334   Paul Hertzel  (+ Black-headed Grosbeak, Bullock's Oriole)
387   Pam Allen  (+ Inca Dove) 332   Bill Huser  (+ 0)
385   Ann Johnson  (+ Inca Dove) 331   Paul Skrade  (+ Pine Grosbeak, Harlequin Duck, King Rail)
381   Mark Proescholdt  (+ Swallow-tailed Kite) 324   John Bissell 
379   Dennis Thompson  318   Douglas Harr  (+ Western Tanager & Chuck-will's-widow)
367   Chris Edwards  317   Brandon Caswell  (+ Slaty-backed Gull, Smith's Longspur, Marbled Godwit, Eastern Whip-poor-will, Red-throated Loon, Chuck-wills-widow, Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Swallow-tailed Kite, Sabine's Gull, Inca Dove.)
367   Jay Gilliam  (+ Rufous Hummingbird) 312   Jeffrey Livingston  (+ Swallow-tailed Kite, Black Scoter)
366   Danny Akers  (+ Snowy Plover, Lark Bunting, Rufous Hummingbird, Yellow Rail) 307   Jerry Von Ehwegen  (+ Pine Grosbeak, Burrowing Owl)
365   Paul Roisen  (+ Inca Dove) 305   Karen Viste-Sparkman 
358   Ray Cummins  (+ Swallow-tailed Kite) 298   Linda Rudolph  (+ Chuck-will's Widow, Snowy Plover, Pine Warbler, Swallow-tailed Kite, Red-necked Grebe, Sabine's gull)
355   James Dinsmore  297   Stuart Sparkman  (+ none)
352   Curt Nelson  (+ Black-headed Grosbeak) 287   Dick Bierman 
350   Rita Goranson  (+ Pine Grosbeak, Black-headed Grosbeak, Slaty-backed Gull) 245   Billy Reiter-Marolf 
350   Keith Dyche  (+ Bohemian Waxwing Rufous Hummingbird Burrowing Owl King Rail Black-headed Grosbeck Black Vulture Connecticut Warbler) 201   Steven Freed 
Personally Found List
349   Stephen Dinsmore 
326   James L Fuller 
324   Ray Cummins  (+ Red-necked Grebe)
324   Lee Schoenewe  (+ Arctic Tern)
316   Jay Gilliam 
314   Keith Dyche  (+ King Rail Black-headed Grosbeak Black Vulture Connecticut Warbler)
310   Reid Allen 
310   Pam Allen 
310   Mark Proescholdt 
306   Tom Stone 
303   Danny Akers  (+ Surf Scoter, Long-tailed Duck, Yellow Rail, Snowy Owl, Lark Bunting)
299   Paul Hertzel 
298   Matt Kenne 
298   Paul Roisen 
293   Rita Goranson 
285   Bill Huser 
281   Paul Skrade 
269   Brandon Caswell 
Pct Personally Found/Personal State List
93.9%   Lee Schoenewe 
90.5%   Ray Cummins 
89.9%   Stephen Dinsmore 
89.7%   Keith Dyche 
89.5%   Paul Hertzel 
86.1%   Jay Gilliam 
85.8%   Bill Huser 
84.9%   Brandon Caswell 
84.9%   Paul Skrade 
83.7%   Rita Goranson 
83.4%   James L Fuller 
82.8%   Danny Akers 
Yard List
214   James L Fuller  (+ Clay-colored Sparrow)
206   Curt Nelson  (+ Black-headed Grosbeak, Eastern Whip-poor-will)
196   Carolyn Fischer 
194   Stephen Dinsmore 
190   Ric Zarwell 
189   Rita Goranson 
187   Ann Johnson 
186   Matt Kenne 
184   Lee Schoenewe 
152   Mark Proescholdt 
146   Tom Stone 
140   Chris Edwards 
134   Jay Gilliam 
130   Dick Bierman 
129   Pam Allen 
129   Reid Allen 
127   Keith Dyche  (+ Black-headed Grosbeak)
124   Jeffrey Livingston 
121   John Bissell  (+ Barred Owl, Tufted Titmouse)
121   William Scheible 
104   Karen Viste-Sparkman 

2016 Annual Lists

Paul Roisen led all birders in 2016 with an Annual List of 308 species. Birding 167 days of the year, he estimates he covered over 30,000 miles criss-crossing the state. One of Roisen's goals was to record 100 species in each month, something not previously reported by any birder. After a shaky start with 101 in January, he improved to 105 in February, and never looked back.

101 Jan      105 Feb      121 Mar      190 Apr      222 May      109 Jun

137 Jul       140 Aug      115 Sep     112 Oct      113 Nov      110 Dec

The 308 species accounted for 84.4% of his state list, a very good ratio, but just short of Linda Rudolph's 85.9%. These percentages are good indicators of how active birders are. Only Rudolph and Roisen broke the 80% mark, but many others were close behind.

* percentage of life list seen in the year with at least two years of reporting history

Annual State List
308     Paul Roisen
295     Stephen Dinsmore
287     Danny Akers
287     Reid Allen
287     Pam Allen
270     Betty Lucas
269     Rita Goranson
264     Mark Proescholdt
260     Lee Schoenewe
256     Linda Rudolph
249     James L Fuller
248     Keith Dyche
247     Ray Cummins
246     Jay Gilliam
245     John Bissell
245     Frederick Ruckersfeldt
243     Douglas Harr
226     Jerry Von Ehwegen
216     Tom Stone
210     Stuart Sparkman
191     Linda Quinn
189     Billy Reiter-Marolf
159     Sharon Bauer
Top Birders List *
85.9%     Linda Rudolph
84.4%     Paul Roisen
76.9%     Rita Goranson
76.4%     Douglas Harr
76.0%     Stephen Dinsmore
75.6%     John Bissell
75.4%     Lee Schoenewe
74.2%     Reid Allen
74.2%     Pam Allen
73.6%     Jerry Von Ehwegen
70.9%     Keith Dyche
Annual Yard List
126     James L Fuller
40     Linda Quinn
Biking Big Year
205     Jay Gilliam
50     Pam Allen
50     Reid Allen
Heard Bird Big Year