Bald Eagle Days

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Bald Eagle photo by Jay Gilliam

Celebrate Iowa's Bald Eagles

Each winter many people join in the celebration of the return of our national bird - the Bald Eagle - to the Iowa landscape. These majetic birds, once endangered from pesticide use, have returned in numbers to our state. What seems like only yesterday a sighting of one bird was cause for excitement. Today the birds dot the major riverways each winter and some have successfully nested here.

The Iowa DNR, in conjunction with the U.S> Army Corps of Engineers and other local partners, have more than a dozen eagle watches scheduled throughout the winter. Many of these are at locations along the Mississippi River, but the Des Moines River watershed also has significant numbers of birds and allows for some festivals to be more centrally located. These weekend events often include public programs on raptors and sometimes include live birds which can be viewed up close and personal. Some of the events also schedule a day for school programs to introduce young people to the marvelous story of Bald Eagle recovery in Iowa.

Check the calendar for an event near you and join in this celebration of what has become an Iowa winter tradition.